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Replace the old-fashioned business card exchange, and use Nouri to easily connect and share robust information that stays up-to-date, encourages follow-up, and increases ROI for you and your sponsors by focusing your efforts on what really matters: connecting.
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Nourishing relationships worldwide

Ash Catchem
Portland, USA
“Love it! It's helped me find new opportunities to nourish my relationship with my customers.”
Seymour Butts
Park City, Utah
"I've never been so ON TOP of all of my relationships. This has been a game changer for my friend group!"
Natasha Roman
Budapest, Hungary
"This literally takes a few seconds to set up and is totally worth having."
Ben Derisgreat
Salt Lake City, Utah
“Easy to use and effective. I feel better knowing that I'm never missing an opportunity to connect”
Amanda Hugginkiss
London, England
“No more guilt for forgetting to call my Grandmother! Our relationship has never been better. ”
Samantha Peck
New York, USA
"Nouri is perfect for my salon business and our relationships. We get repeat business and customers feel loved"
Adam Wilson
Vancouver, Canada
“Love it! It's helped me strengthen my relationships and brought my entire family closer together.”
Geri Halliwell
Bali, Indonesia
"This literally takes a few seconds to set up and is totally worth having, especially when missing my peeps back home"

How it works

Create a Circle

Show off your branding, share event details, and create a robust digital rolodex of everyone who will be attending your event.

Share the Circle

Easily send an invitation to all of your attendees to join your Circle, create profiles, and start planning who they want to meet!

Prioritize PeopleTM

Set reminders to follow up with the people you meet, send messages when plans change, and facilitate the magic of making connections.

For Event Organizers

Using Nouri for your event will:
  • Delight your attendees with a seamless networking experience while gathering meaningful information.
  • Give you more robust, up-to-date personal information from your attendees, including photos!
  • Facilitate communication and follow-up with your attendees when plans change, or you plan your next event.
  • Have your attendees manage your CRM data entry for you.

For Attendees

Your Attendees will:
  • Build an impressive profile that highlights their accomplishments and personality.
  • Go into your event with a game plan of who they want to meet and connect with by searching for their needs beforehand.
  • Create meaningful relationships with people who will help them succeed.
  • Take notes during the event and set follow-up reminders to continue to connect with new friends after your event.

For Sponsors & Vendors

Nouri will help your Sponsors & Vendors:
  • Efficiently manage their event contacts for greater event ROI during and after the event.
  • Manage their leads with a personal and proactive paradigm.
  • Get rid of the endless stack of business cards and manage contact information seamlessly.

Here we want to highlight the many use cases.

Here is a good opportunity to talk about the benefits of staying connected vs the features of the app. This is where the mission around social and mental wellness should shine and tie into the act of connection (via Nouri). We want to appeal to people's sense of duty to stay connected and everyone's sense that they don't do enough.


How much does Nouri cost?

You can create a Circle for your event and invite all of your attendees free of charge! However, if you would like to learn more about some of our premium features, contact us at

What are the major benefits of Nouri?

Event Coordinators:
With up-to-date information from your attendees that you don't have to collect or keep track of, you can easily manage and connect with everyone at your event. Creating a one-of-a-kind networking opportunity will make your event memorable, and ensure that all your attendees come to your next event, and bring their friends with them! You can also easily communicate when inevitable last-minute changes come up at your event.

Attendees and Sponsors/Vendors:
Share an impressive profile that highlights your accomplishments and personality to create genuine connections and conversation. You can also take private, personalized notes and set follow-up reminders to keep the relationship going after the event!

What privacy precautions do you take to keep our data safe?

We are committed to protecting your personal information and your right to privacy. We do not share or sell any of the data given to us by our users. Your data is your data! To see more details on our privacy policy, you can read the full policy here.

How is this different from Facebook or LinkedIn groups?

Social media is designed to help you increase the quantity of people who see what you post, as well as who you connect with. However, how well do you know the hundreds of LinkedIn connections you have? Nouri is focused on the quality of relationship that you have with everyone you connect with, rather than just the quantity. On top of that, Nouri is designed to help you achieve success not just in your personal relationships (like Facebook) or professional relationships (like LinkedIn), but in both!

Using Nouri also allows everyone to add their own notes, as well as set their own reminders for special events and follow-ups, unlike any social media platform that just remind you to send a superficial post on the day of their birthday. Nouri allows you to take control of how you nourish your relationships with everyone in your life.

What is your adoption rate?

That depends on how you roll out Nouri at your event! If you send an email a few days before the event (we've got you covered with a template) and train your registration booth to remind people during the event, you can expect 75% or higher adoption.

What types of events should use Nouri?

All networking events! Any time the primary goal of an event or conference is to get people to interact, you should use Nouri. Think of Nouri as the business card of the 21st century.

What kind of tech support do you offer before and during an event?

We are here to help! We will provide you with all the resources you need to host an amazing event. We love to collaborate, so don't be shy! Depending on the event, we love to show up when we can to support your registration team. At any time, feel free to contact us at for any help you need.

I am using a registration solution like Eventbrite. How do I use Nouri?

Eventbrite and many other event registration sites give you access to an exported CSV of all the people who signed up for your event. Simply upload your registration list during the invite to Circle process, and they will receive an email inviting them to join your Circle for your event. For more information, see this video that explains how to set up Nouri for your event.

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